New Software Injects New Life into Pharma Traceability System

sharon roberts attorneySAP, the largest global provider of Enterprise Application Software recently announced their newest software module currently called, “SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals”. Also known as ATTP, this new module from SAP is an enterprising new competitor to third party solutions that allow companies to serialize their products in a way that complies with global serialization and tracing regulations for pharma products.

Currently, drug companies utilize a system that incorporates multiple modes of serialization and tracking products, and often requires these third parties. The reason that this new module from SAP has the potential to be such a strong competitor is because it incorporates  these disparate pieces, and SAP has ensured that they will update the product to comply with future regulations.

Many companies in the pharma supply chain realize the need for a partner in monitoring regulations since these change so often, and new ones are added regularly.  Serialization and tracing regulation service providers aid these pharma companies in this way, and that is truly an added value to this type of company.

Sharon Roberts AttorneyIn addition to this basic module offering from SAP in the new ATTP product, it also has the options of add-ons that are market specific and add another layer that will help ensure product and company compliance. These add-ons include provisions for a number of acts and directives like; the E.U.’s  Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and Delegated Act (EUDA), Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) from the United States. Other add-ons include; the China Drug Electronic Supervision Network System, and Turkey’s Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System regulations. Increasing the number of acts, directives and systems accounted for in a company’s compliance arsenal reduces the incidence or likelihood that they will inadvertently not comply with current regulations and face repercussions from this oversight. SAP also announced plans for future ATTP add-ons that are particular to certain markets. These planned additions include; Brazil, South Korea and other locations and will become available once regulations stabilize.

While it remains to be seen whether or not the industry will unilaterally adopt this new system of serialization, tracking and enhanced compliance measures, It seems as though SAP is poised to step into the role of this multi-faceted service provider.