About Sharon Roberts, Attorney and Pharmacist

Sharon Roberts worked for the State of Florida as a State Inspector/Drug Agent where her role was to inspect all businesses involved in the manufacture, purchase, storage and sale of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, devices and cosmetics in the State of Florida. As part of this experience she became intimately familiar with the Florida Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act. The contents of this Act are the basis of the studies required to become a State Certified Designated Representative (CDR). A CDR is a person required to be employed in a management position by all State licensed Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributors.

Upon leaving her employ at the State of Florida as a Drug Agent, Sharon Roberts learned of a position available as the Manager of a wholesale drug warehouse that required a Certified Designated Representative license. She obtained her license as a CDR and was hired to work as a CDR at a Prescription Drug Manufacturer and Wholesale Distributor in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

What is a CDR? The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires all prescription drug wholesale distribution businesses to designate one person to serve as the designated representative for each facility. This person must have an active certification from the State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, as a Certified Designated Representative. In order to be eligible to become a CDR a candidate needs a minimum of 2 years of drug distribution or pharmacy experience. Once the minimum experience is achieved the candidate must pass an extensive background check and take and pass a proctored exam.

Sharon Roberts realized that not only is the Certified Designated Representative exam extremely difficult, there were not many resources available to help candidates prepare. Upon being granted her license, Dr. Roberts began to receive phone calls to help others prepare for the exam because of her unique background in law and pharmacy. It was at this point that Sharon recognized, with all her knowledge and experience that that she could help others prepare for and pass the State exam. Dr. Roberts developed the website CDR Resource Center.com to provide material, modules and training for those interested in passing the State exam.

In addition, Sharon Roberts provides classroom style training for groups or one-on-one to train new CDR’s, provide practice exam experience or just as a refresher for companies who would like to assure all their employees know all the new regulations. With the passage of the Federal regulations, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, there has been a high demand for knowledgeable trainers to provide guidance in the transition from State to Federal compliance. Sharon Roberts is one of the only qualified trainers to help people pass the Florida CDR exam in the US.

Sharon Roberts is a Florida licensed Pharmacist and Attorney. This website is intended only to be an informational biography and not a solicitation for legal services. This web domain is not a law firm.